We believe in access to care.

From public figures & postpartum moms, to first responders & foster families, we know every situation is unique.

We may be able to offer:

– phone or video appointments –

– walk + talk sessions –

– conjoint therapy (2-3 people in a topic-focused session) –

– on-site therapy in homes, hospitals, schools –

– specific locations for groups or events –

Some modalities may require a specific app download, internet access, or additional consent forms.

Please discuss your needs and a therapist will help discern what can be helpful, creative and therapeutic within clinical standards.

We offer a variety of services to support healthy emotional and behavioral growth.



Enriching relationships to help partners communicate and connect.

We provide support for couples in various stages, transitions and challenges.

Being in a relationship is rewarding and trying. There are many times when your partnership can experience enrichment and breakthrough by working with a professional counselor trained in the complexities of family systems. You can sense when you or your partner feel misunderstood, alienated, defensive and distant. You love each other and yet something about the relationship is also feeling unbalanced, stuck, toxic or unresolved. You want to be able to have healthier patterns, heal from the past and feel better about being together. We’ll facilitate sessions to practice skills that enhance the relationship through greater self-awareness, empathic dialogue, support in your own differentiation and emotional regulation while working on couple-connecting strategies.



Processing life experiences with unconditional, supportive presence.

We are with you and we are for you.

Child, teen and adult alike, there is resilience in each of us at any age. Sometimes that gets covered up, dismissed or remains dormant. We believe you have a lot of strengths and skills that can be nurtured and barriers that deserve to be acknowledged. We’ll work with you on the goals you have for what you want to see change, at your pace. We’re equipped to offer a variety of therapies to match developmental levels, personal preferences, and mental health histories. You’re searching for breakthrough. We’re here to come alongside you and work at it together.

For minors under 14, we ask for signed consent from all parents/legal guardians. 

We do not prescribe nor provide medication management. We can provide referrals and collaborate for continuity of care.



Supporting life transitions and family dynamics.

We provide mental health support. We do not provide parental/placement evaluations.



Therapeutic experiences that create social impact in creative, sensitive and accessible ways.

Our calendar is currently under development with events and opportunities continuing to be added as we grow. 

We were proud to debut this year, hosting the Lents Community Pet Parade where we featured therapy llamas as the Grand Marshals!

Our events include where we provide outreach into the community with therapy, education or speaking engagements.

Contact us about an event or experience we could support you with. We’d love to chat.

Check out our latest events here.



Sharing space to work through challenges with the solidarity of others.

We will be launching a collection of groups later this year. Check back for offerings or suggest one!

Friday Circle
A free weekly support group in partnership with Rahab’s Sisters, off SE 82nd Avenue at St. Peter’s & Paul’s Episcopal Church. Tailored for those who identify as women, this opportunity offers radical hospitality, peace, hope and encouragement without judgement through experiences with trauma, grief, poverty, sexual exploitation, discrimination, substance use, and suffering. Friday Circle aims to build resiliency, foster a greater sense of self-worth, and provide peer-to-peer support. While this is not group therapy, it is facilitated by professional counselors.
Schedule: Weekly, every Friday from 5-6pm. Rahab’s Sisters then takes place 7pm-10pm.

Mama Mornings
Connection, Compassion and Care for 2.
A donation-based, relaxing and rejuvenating gathering for Mom’s and babies, under 1 yr.
Attachment-focused tummy-time and sensory touch with baby and tea available for Mom.
Schedule: 10am, Day To Be Determined, New Group is Forming! Contact Us
Suggested Donation: $5-$25 as able.

Dad’s Support Group
A brotherhood for men in a fathering role with kids 0-5.
Strategies & tools for positive parenting, managing stress & navigating relationships.
Bring the kids! A portion of the time includes an activity that nurtures engagement with them.
Childcare Provided.
Schedule & Price: 2x Monthly, To Be Determined, New Group is Forming! Contact Us


Making mental health information relevant and personalized for groups, organizations and situations.